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How To Play LifestyleRP
« on: August 15, 2021, 12:35:47 pm »
How To Play LifestyleRP

Finding us on FiveM (How to connect)

Load FiveM and hit 'Play' type LifestyleRP into search, You will see our logo on the left.
Alternatively load FiveM 'Hit F8' type 'Connect' this is the IP Address.

Rules of the server - Please read the following document if you are unsure on RP rules.

Applying for whitelisted Jobs

Whitelisted jobs within LifestyleRP must be handled with professionalism. There are only 2 jobs within the city that require whitelist. These are the LCPD (Police Force) and the Mechanics. If you are interested in joining any of these 2 jobs, please go to the forum and make a new topic under the “Whitelisted Jobs” category.

Fire Service & EMS are NOT whitelisted
We expect and require persons entering these jobs to do so sensibly and realistically. If you abuse powers as fire or EMS or act innapropriately you will have your job removed. To get a job, go to the Job Centre.

For support, go to the "Support" forum category.

F.A.Q's on how to play. Read carefully, especially if your new and need help.

1.) You will spawn at the airport. Here you must make a character, use the numbers to get the look your going for. Once done, hit ESC and 'Save Changes'

2.) To earn money and get a job. Go to the job centre.

3.) Want to break the law... That is fine, but be prepared to answer to the police! :wink: We know if your driving recklessly too!

4.) Buttons - Almost all buttons used within the server are under the F3 menu, want a quick job? Use F3. Want to rob someone? use F3. Want to use an emote? use F3. Explore the F3 menu! Play around with it, try it out. Once you have a job like police or fire, the F3 Menu will extend, opening up more options.

5.) You can buy cars and houses, or rent a motel room. But you need money, you can be legit, get a job be a good citizen. or join a gang, cause mayhem and run your empire. Create and sell drugs. You must learn your way - No quick fix. The motel also offers a daily reward. Report to the lady at the coffee cart.

6.) Shops will sell you almost everything you need. smaller shops sell food and drink, as well as phones. use K to open your phone! add numbers and call people. The mega mall. located near Grove Street has more items such as lock picks and computers. Use your imagination, houses near grove street are susceptible to lock picks.

7.) More can be done that you would think, you must explore, we have a casino, this is legit and works well! shops and banks can be 'Robbed' Dumpsters and Bins can be searched. You never know what you might find.

8.) You've read all this... You legit cba to get a job. Being a criminal? "Nah too much work m8".... Why not become a Hobo. This is in your F3 menu. Doss out, route through bins and even set up your cosy tent and camp fire. Leave all the work to the suckers.
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